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Lyfthaus have a well proven team of experienced and innovative design engineers and creative thinkers who deal solely with the stylish and refined tastes of architectural clients. Placing their clients’ needs at the heart of every design, the Lyfthaus objective is to exceed clients’ expectations, delighting them by providing an individual and unique service that delivers an uncompromisingly high standard of design, fit and finish to every project. 

Lyfthaus designs are never about us. Our clients are our focus. Our designers are not only passionate, skilled and experienced, but are excellent listeners and communicators. We take the time to thoroughly understand our clients and what they want from each individual platform lift project. Only then do we start to think about the design itself.

 We are the lift industry’s foremost creative designers providing architects with an unparalleled freedom of choice and the source of the very best architecturally inspired platform lift design solutions. The Lyfthaus team develop trusted relationships that see clients returning time after time, year after year. 

We combine stimulating new trends and finishes with a client’s key requirements to guarantee a design that is exclusive, reflecting their own property style and requirements. 

Lyfthaus offers expert knowledge and advice, using tailor made designs, hand-crafted studio based manufacturing methods and luxury finishes enabling clients to realise the full potential of their new bespoke platform lift.

Why Lyfthaus

Bespoke Designs By Lyfthaus

Now let's get creative! Platform lifts have come of age with highly adaptable designs that enhance the built environment and the operator experience. The Mylyft Collection by Lyfthaus gives architects and designers the freedom of choice to meet their creative vision.  Lyfthaus are your bespoke platform lift specialists.

Contemporary By Lyfthaus

Mylyft Collection platform lifts by Lyfthaus are discreet, modern, compact, refined, easy to operate and reliable.  Contemporary design features can include frameless glass or fretwork panels, stainless steel, bronze, brass and copper PPC finishes with your choice of platform floor to complement existing surfaces.

Heritage By Lyfthaus

Churches, cathedrals, castles, stately homes, universities, hotels and fine town houses are amongst the many heritage properties that enjoy our platform lifts. Balustrades, finials and railings can be replicated to match existing ironworks to make your platform lift as unobtrusive as possible.

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Architect & Designers Guide

Now let's get creative and design your ideal platform lift

Benefit from our experience and our love of beautiful platform lift design - think outside the big intimidating white plastic box, platform lifts have changed. Now let’s get creative!  Platform lifts have come of age with highly adaptable designs that enhance the built environment and the operator experience. This is why  architects and designers choose The Mylyft Collection by Lyfthaus.  Our range of lifts is developed with architects, we wanted to know what was important to you and everything that we learnt has influence and inspired The Mylyft Collection. Bespoke platform lifts designed for prestige property by architects.

Creative vision

At Lyfthaus we provide freedom of choice for our discerning clientele. Mylyft open aspect platform lifts are discreet, modern, compact, refined, easy to operate, beautiful, reliable and tailor made to suit your exact requirements.  Your platform lift the way you want it.  We are delighted to provide this simple guide that is intended to  provide you with the essential advice you need when first considering an open aspect platform lift for your project. To steer you in the right direction and past the pitfalls when making your selection and to assist you when providing your recommendations to your clients.

Why a Mylyft Collection open aspect lift?

There are lots of reasons to choose an open aspect lift.  The main reason for architects is that they do not require a big ugly box  enclosure that extends 2M+ beyond the upper level - no shaft required. This makes your lift more compact and much less obtrusive.  The lift can be used to access conventional areas such as building entrances and adjacent to steps or less conventional applications such as lightwell basements and stairwells. For the operator it’s a much more pleasant travelling experience as they are not trapped inside a confined space which for many is very uncomfortable.  Your lift must have minimal visual impact , it must be absorbed by its surroundings and enhance the built environment.

STYLE - VIP disabled access

From heritage to contemporary, we design a platform lift that will match or complement the architecture and interior styling of your project. You are not restricted to catalogue standards. We can replicate balustrades, railings and finials, provide contemporary glass and stainless steel, brass, bronze and copper metallic finishes, all RAL paint colours as well as custom accents. The floor finish is your choice - stone, marble, carpet, slate, timber, tiles can all be accommodated - no matter what the weight of your flooring your Mylyft can handle it. Textured metals such as Rimex and tread plate are also available. We are your tailor made platform lift creative specialists.  Stunning designs that look great in any location.

Compliance & Design Drawings

We work to BS6440/2011 for platform lifts and the machinery directive. All lifts are CE marked and supplied with BS certification and a European Declaration of Conformity. For some very special requirements we may need to discuss the inclusion of caveats.  Within 2-3 weeks of receive your instruction and agreeing commercial terms you will receive full design drawings including isometric views. Prior to this we are happy to provide generic design drawings.

Specification & Building Requirements

We provide all types of open aspect lift configuration. Though car, adjacent car exit left and exit right plus swan neck and single side entrance/exit.

Come and talk to us about the most suitable location for your lift at your earliest opportunity. Think about people flow, pit suitability and adjacent structures that may impede with the lift travel zone.  It must not be possible to get trapped between the lift and other obstacles.  We can help you with this.

From 100mm to 3000mm and every lift travel in-between. Low profile, single, double and triple scissor mechanisms are available. With lowered heights from only 80mm. We always recommend pit installation to provide 100% ramp free access. With a pit the platform is level with the surrounding floor surface. The platform can be supplied with a tray to accommodate your choice of floor so it matches or complements adjacent floor finishes.  From floor to lift, the transition will be seamless.

The minimum (free-standing) platform size is 1450 x 1050mm and from here it’s entirely your choice* - the largest platform we have produced to date is 3000 x 4000mm!  We can even make shaped platforms with curved edges, angles and cut-outs.

We provide an additional document that gives details to help with the design and build process, but here's a brief synopsis of what you need to look out for:  Your lift will be delivered on a flat-bed vehicle, do you have space for this and can it off load?  We can provide tail-lifts, beaver-tails and vehicles equipped with a crane.  The self-weight of your lift will be in the region of 250-750Kg.  You may need a pit. The depth will vary depending on many factors and we will advise on this and provide drawings. If external or liable to flooding this will need drainage.  The pit must be smooth and level.   The upper gate will need a level surface on which it can be mounted and be suitable for push/pull forces of 500Kg.  All loadings are transferred to the base of the pit - no need to strengthen adjacent walls.  Ducts will be required for power, hydraulics and control cables.    

Most lifts are 240v single phase, 16amp.  Think about where the power pack and control panel will live and where the control stations will be located.